Issue Area: Ecopsychology

Ancient Ways Project

HISTORY AND MISSIONThe Ancient Ways Project is a series of public educational and personal development programs, founded in 1982 and facilitated by anthropologist and author Peter Gold. They include an extensive repertoire of multimedia talks, workshops and experiential seminars, which express the essential oneness of humanity by exploring our perennial …

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Andrew Shu

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Apricot Centre for Sustainable Living

The Apricot Centre helps people make sense of and adapt to our changing world. It conducts research and provides training and development opportunities to people of all ages, enabling them to be part of the societal change we are witnessing.Run by a psychotherapist and an environmentalist, the centre uniquely meets …

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Argentinian Foundation of Etoecology

Etoecology is the science that studies alive beings’ behavior in the environment (Of the Greek: Ethos: behavior; Oikos: house, environment, habitat; logo: knowledge, science)The Argentinian Foundation of Etoecology (AFE) puts emphasis in the education as a behavior transformer of the human being and therefore of its practice and uses in …

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Armenian Relief Society ARS Armenia

It would be improper to write the history of the Armenian Relief Society without first mentioning that long before its founding in the year 1910, there existed groups of Armenian women, small in number, some functioning in the name of Armenian Red Cross”

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Arunachalam Greening

The Climate Change Challenge is a program hosted by the Village Development Society in Tiruvannamalai.  The intention is to make available widely in Tamil Nadu and wherever possible within India, films and podcasts on the issues surrounding the great challenge posed by Climate Change.  This program was originally formulated by …

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Aspen Institute Santa Barbara

The Aspen Institute is an international non-profit organization dedicated to informed dialogue and inquiry on issues of global concern. Founded in 1950, it has pursued its mission of fostering enlightened leadership through seminars, policy studies and fellowship programs. The Aspen Institute offers programs in Aspen throughout the year that are …

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Associação Global de Desenvolvimento Sustentado

A ASSOCIAÇÃO GLOBAL DE DESENVOLVIMENTO SUSTENTADO é uma Organização Não Governamental (ONG) ambientalista e do desenvolvimento sustentado em forma de OSCIP – Organização da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público, fundada em 19 de junho de 1984, registrada no Ministério da Justiça Processo nº 080000.018578/2001-13, com CNPJ/MF nº 55.051.726/0001-45, com Inscrição …

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