Issue Area: Ecopsychology

Temple of the Goddess

The guiding principles of Temple of the Goddess are: We believe that every person is the living embodiment of the Divine and a manifestation of Divine Immanence. We respect that every person is their own spiritual authority and no one can define the Sacred and Divine for any one else. …

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Therapists for Social Responsibility

We are a group of therapists and supporters whose vision is to create connection and community as we work on local and global social issues. Our focus is the cost to families of current policies such as war, corporate injustice, cuts in social services, loss of civil rights, and harm …

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Through the Bagelhole is about creating and living the vision of the life we want for ourselves and for the whole planet: A life that is sustainable with ecological integrity, full of love, respect, abundance, artistic expression, healing, and freedom, which allows, promotes, and shares the incredible diversity that already exists. Almost …

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Tools For Change Institute

MissionTools for Change Institute is dedicated to inspiring a cultural transformation in which history, heart, spirit, values, and vision are all at the center of public life.VisionWe envision a time in which decisions are made by those most affected by them while honoring the natural world upon which all life …

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TRUST Social Work and Sociological Research NGO

– Develop practical social work and carry out sociological research with the aim of assisting vulnerable groups in Armenia.Activities include:- Research programs outlining vulnerable groups of the population and their needs

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