Issue Area: Ecopsychology

Association Carapa

Crée en Septembre 1997, le réseau a pour objectif de : – recueillir et diffuser des informations de toute nature entre les personnes désireuses de participer à la création et au développement d’éco-villages, – permettre des contacts et des rencontres entre elles, – promouvoir un mode de vie écologique et …

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Association For Sustainable Human Development

Mission:Propagandize and spread the main ideas, principles and values system of Sustainable Human Development Concept, world experience as well as the activities of UN structures in this sphere, to assist in elaboration and putting into practice the Concept and Program of Sustainable Development of Armenia. Six commissions work in Association:environmental …

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Aurora Now Foundation

Mission:To raise personal and social awareness and responsibility by inspiring people–especially young people–to use their unique skills, perspectives and gifts in a collaborative way; to creatively address complex, interconnected problems from a more holistic perspective. And through this collaboration, to help youth, their families, organizations and communities co-create healthy and …

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Avalon Permaculture Gardens

We have been developing it since October 1998 to serve as a teaching centre for many aspects of sustainable living. Our aim is to create a simple place for healing and sustainable living with a strong root in the Earth. It is a response to the ecological crisis facing us, …

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Awakening the Bay is connecting holistic minded people interested in well being, growth and sustainability in San Francisco Bay Area

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Balay Incorporated

Background: Balay is a non-profit NGO involved in human rights education with grassroots organisations, former political prisoners, and with families displaced due to armed conflict and development projects. They provide relief and psychological rehabilitation services to vicitms of internal displacement and other forms of human rights violations.Operational Level: NationalGovernment status: …

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Bastyr University

Bastyr University is a non-profit, private university offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, with a multidisciplinary curriculum in science-based natural medicine. The university is recognized globally for its rigorous curriculum and strong research. Bastyr’s international faculty teaches the natural health sciences with an emphasis on integrating mind, body, spirit and …

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