Issue Area: EcoVillages

Xiao Zhang Zhuang

Faced with soil erosion, grassland deterioration, desertification, energy shortages and environmental pollution, Xiao Zhang Zhuang saw their very existence threatened. In 1982 the Beijing Environmental Protection Research Institute began an eco-farming pilot. Since then thousands of eco-villages in China have put this research into practical use. Eco-farming uses traditional farming …

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Yarrow EcoVillage Society YES

The goal of sustainability shapes the way we develop and use the land. An ecovillage provides supportive community. This builds relationships, lessens daily travel, protects the environment and offers prospects for right livelihood.The plan is to build an environmentally sustainable community, with cottage industries and an organic farm based on …

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Zentrum für Experimentelle GesellschaftsGestaltung [ZEGG]

ZEGG [Center For Experimental Culture Design] is an intentional community of 100 people located near Berlin. ZEGG`s goal is to integrate personal development, new social structures, political commitment and action so that a vision for a more humane world can grow. We see ourselves as an experimental community working together …

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