Issue Area: Local Food Systems

Africa 2000 Network

The main objectives are to reduce malnutrition and to increase food security and incomes among rural communities.Project: Nutrition Micro Projects

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African Canadian Continuing Education Society

The mission of ACCES is to help young Africans obtain the skills and education needed to benefit themselves and their society.The work of the Society is based on these principles:· Respect for another culture: ACCES will not seek to change or interfere with another culture.· Sustainability: ACCES strives to help …

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Afrique Verte

Pour le droit a la securite alimentaire et un developpement durable au Sahel.AFRIQUE VERTE POURSUIT DEUX OBJECTIFS :1- Améliorer la sécurité alimentaire au SahelAu Sahel, Afrique Verte apporte un appui à plus de 1000 organisations paysannes du Niger, du Burkina Faso et du Mali, par des actions de formation et …

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Ag Futures Alliance AFA

Ag Futures Alliances (AFA) are citizen collaborations of farmers, food system activists, environmentalists, health and social justice advocates who come together to find ways to make their local food system more sustainable. AFA’s are organized as leaderful roundtables, where all members contribute to a growing understanding of what is deeply …

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Ag Innovations Network

Ag Innovations Network is part of the sustainable agriculture movement. For the past 7 years we have worked with farmers, ranchers, farm labor advocates and environmentalists to devise strategies that support healthy farms and a healthy environment. We focus primarily on creating leadership consensus, community support, and public policies that …

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Agassiz-Harrison Food Bank

Agassiz-Harrison food bank is a member of Canadian Association of Food Banks.The Canadian Association of Food Banks (CAFB) is an umbrella organization representing approximately 250 food banks across every Canadian province and territory. Member food banks and their agencies serve about 90 percent of people who use food banks.In the …

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Agribusiness Accountability Initiative AAI

The Agribusiness Accountability Initiative is an evolving global network of people challenging corporate control of the food system.For at least three decades since the ground-breaking work of Al Krebs, Jim Hightower and other pioneers of the original Agribusiness Accountability Project, the dangers of monopoly power in the food system have …

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Agrisud International

Agrisud International’s mission is to:- develop small income generating sustainable agricultural farming entreprises focused on food supply for local urban markets- create jobs, basic wealth, regular income and added value by promoting economic development- restore economic self-sufficiency and dignity- contribute to sustainable development and food security in developing countries

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