Issue Area: Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning


Agriterra’s goal is to promote, facilitate and support lasting cooperation linkages between rural people’s organisations in the Netherlands and in developing countries.Agriterra was founded in 1997 by the Dutch rural people’s organisations: LTO-Nederland and the regional LTO organisations, the Dutch rural women’s organizations and their federation (CPVO), the National Cooperative …

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Akhuwat – AKW

Akhuwat is an organization that provides interest free loans to the poor. It is not a mere replication of Micro-finance institutions, it is a creative attempt to design a mechanism based on Islamic doctrine of sharing resources with have-nots. The name, Akhuwat, is derived from the age-old Muslim spirit of …

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Alliance Against Urban 4x4s

Mission StatementThe mission of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s is to inform and unite groups of concerned citizens across the United Kingdom against the growing presence of 4×4 vehicles in urban areas. The Alliance seeks to educate people about the environmental and social damage caused by the increasing numbers of …

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Alliance for Sustainable Communities

ACE founded the Alliance for Sustainable Communities to motivate partnerships between representatives of all levels of government, business, citizens and innovators for project action that fits social, economic and environmental needs of the community. Our purpose is to enlist the participation of citizens, business, schools, and government to help realize …

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Alliance for the Great Lakes

Our programs focus on * Water Quality: eliminating toxic and bacterial pollution, which cause beach closings * Water Conservation: promoting sustainable water use to keep the Great Lakes great * Habitat Recovery: restoring and enhancing habitat, especially in urban areas, and eliminating invasive species * Land Use: protecting lands that …

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