Issue Area: Sustainable Urban Environmental Services


Ecological wastewater treatment for large-scale applications such as cities and industries.  Based on a biomimetic, engineered natural system, the GO2 Water technology is among the most sustainable wastewater treatment technologies available. Some of the attributes of our advanced pond-based operating systems include:  no sludge accumulation or handling (our oldest installation has operated for …

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Aquaponics-The New Victory Garden

Why do I call this a Victory Garden? Well it’s a win -win for everything involved. The New Victory Garden is an Aquaponic garden. What is that? Well its taking two, not so great for the environment practices aquaculture and Hydroponic vegetable production and uniting them. With this union you get a very efficient …

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Association of IL Soil & Water Conservation Districts

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)The USDA’s North Central Region (NCR) Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program has awarded more than $30 million worth of competitive grants to farmers and ranchers, researchers, educators, public and private institutions, nonprofit groups, and others exploring sustainable agriculture in 12 states.Goals- Foster site-specific, …

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Bahamas National Pride Association

[imgul:tn_baha.jpg:]MissionThe Bahamas National Bride Association is committed to the development of positive attitudes, and behaviourial changes that will motivate all persons to conserve the natural resources, preserve and beatify the natural environment.AboutA nationwide, non-profit education organization dedicated to improving waste handling in the Bahamas.As enshrined in our mission statement, The …

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BaSiC Initiative

The BaSiC Initiative is a collaboration of faculty and students from the University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture. We support community partnerships through: housing solutions for Native Americans, housing and community services for migrant farm workers, schools and health clinics in central Mexico, etc. Each program draws upon …

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Beene Garbarge Managers

DescriptionWe are a group of youth that are collecting garbage and depositing it in the designated areas by the municipality. We hope to get money, buy land, create deposit sites and eventually recycle the wastes.The selling of the by products help bring sustainability of the project and will help us …

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Bees for Development Trust BFD

Bees for Development Trust was established in 1999. Its mission is: The relief of poverty in any part of the developing world, through the advancement of apiculture. Funds raised by the Trust support the work implemented by the NGO, Bees for Development. Bees for Development was founded in 1993 as …

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