Issue Area: Sustainable Urban Environmental Services

Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance USA

Center- The Center is an international tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to its progressive mission of social justice and to like missions of its clients. We provide capacity building services and consulting and training to the nonprofit (NGO) and government sectors. – The Center provides consulting and training services as a …

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Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance

We are an association that educates the public on the importance of supporting your local economy, and encouraging businesses and consumers to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.Independent businesses create wealth by engaging local people in the production, marketing, and consumption of goods, they pay taxes, and reinvest in our …

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CHETNA Association of Canada CAC

CHETNA Association of Canada (CAC) is a non-government organization based in Surrey, A suburb of Vancouver, BC, Canada.While Chetna represents broad based activities through various forums and networks, the primary objectives of this organization include: C reatingH ealthyE nvironmentT hroughN etworks &A ssociations a) researching underlying causes of socio-economic inequities …

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Christian Agricultural Stewardship Institute

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)The USDA’s North Central Region (NCR) Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program has awarded more than $30 million worth of competitive grants to farmers and ranchers, researchers, educators, public and private institutions, nonprofit groups, and others exploring sustainable agriculture in 12 states.Since 1988, the …

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Formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans, CItyWorks advocates for the transformative rebuilding of the city, by fostering a stimulating environment for dialogue and debate. CityWorks communicates to a broad audience the importance of design in creating a vital and vibrant urban environment. To …

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Clean Chennai Green Chennai

The main idea behind Clean Chennai Green Chennai is to promote public hygiene and cleanliness to the people of Chennai and its surroundings. 

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Cleaner Production Program Pakistan

ObjectivesEnvironmental degradation is an escalating problem owing to the continual expansion of industrial production and high-levels of consumption. A renewed dedication to a proven strategy to resolve this problem is needed. Cleaner Production is one such strategy which can address this problem. It is a preventive environmental management strategy, which …

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