Issue Area: Sustainable Urban Power


Dyesol is the international leader in the commercialisation of dye solar cell (DSC) technology, bringing DSC to the forefront of the solarindustry.   Dyesol offers a holisticDSC solution comprising a wide range of products and services including materials, consulting, research & development, contracting, licensing, training, laboratory facilities, prototyping and pilot …

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Earth Aid

Earth Aid was founded in 2007 to help you save energy. In 2009,Earth Aid launched a new service that measures your energy consumptiontrends at home, and then pays you based on how much you save.We created our patent-pending technology to help Americans maketheir homes more energy efficient and to help …

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New York has enormous potential to be at the forefront of global urban eco-awareness. The ideas, initiatives and energy to make our city and region greener, cleaner, saner, fairer, freer and more joyous are here now, if we get engaged. Come help make it happen.[imgu:med_logo.gif:]

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Ekostaden means Eco-city and it’s your portal to environmental focus projects in Malmö, Sweden. The purpose of is to communicate the transformation of Malmö, Sweden into ecological and social sustainability.[imgul:ekostaden_green.jpg:]Bo01 – City of Tomorrow is an entirely new district in the Western Harbour with room for 600 dwellings as …

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Emerald People’s Utility District

Emerald PUD is a public power utility. That means we are not-for-profit, and exist only to provide reliable electric service at reasonable rates. Public power systems belong to the people they serve. In our community the owners and users of our electric utility are the same. That means that your …

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Endangered Species International

We are addressing the real and urgent species extinction needs More than 16,000 species are threatened to become extinct in the near future. We focus on species that have the biggest chance to become extinct including those that do not attract the media attention. Their ecosystems as a whole are …

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