Issue Area: Transition Towns

A Rocha Kenya

A Rocha is a Christian nature conservation organisation, our name comingfrom the Portuguese for the Rock”

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Andrew Shu

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Associacao Vale de Transicao

Imaginamos um mundo onde as pessoas aprendem atrocar as suas casas grandes com jardins pequenos por casas pequenascom jardins-florestais grandes, a química para a orgânica e o egoísmopara o coletivo…Neste mundo, cada membro da família vive em um lar sustentável nocentro de um jardim-floresta e trabalha cerca de 4 horas …

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Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network

AFTINET is a national network of over 90 community organisations and many more individuals concerned about trade and investment policy.AFTINET grew out of the successful campaign by community organisations against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment [MAI], which had attempted to restrict the ability of governments to regulate both investment and …

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Broome County Urban League

The mission of the Broome County Urban League is to enable African Americans, other minorities, and the poor to secure economic self-reliance, parity and power and civil rights.The Urban League employs a five point strategy, tailored to local needs, inorder to implement the mission of our movement:-Education and Youth Empowerment: …

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Endeavour Centre

The Endeavour Centre is a not-for-profit sustainable building school, offering full-time certificate programs and workshops on a wide variety of sustainable building materials, technologies and strategies.Our Sustainable New Construction program runs from April-August each year, and gives participants a full-time immersion in the complete construction process for a full-scale, urban, …

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