Issue Area: Urban Communications

University Duisburg-Essen

Die Initiative für Nachhaltigkeit der Universität Duisburg-Essen (IfN) ist ein interdisziplinäres Netzwerk von Studierenden und AbsolventInnen der Universität Duisburg-Essen, die sich zusammengeschlossen haben, um Studierenden, DozentInnen sowie der interessierten Öffentlichkeit das facettenreiche Leitbild der Nachhaltigkeit in Theorie und Praxis näher zubringen. Hierbei ist die Initiative informierend, gestaltend und motivierend tätig.Philosophie: …

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Urban Ecology Center

The goal of the Urban Ecology Centre is to build and share expertise concerning the most viable approaches to sustainable urban development and how they may best be implemented in our neighbourhoods and city.We see ourselves as a think-tank with an important social action dimension. We aim to stimulate reflection, …

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Urban Environment League of Greater Miami

The Vision of the Urban Environment League for Miami-Dade County is a safe, clean, vibrant, sustainable community guided by the public’s interest and governed by a Master Plan. We see preserved natural resources, increased density in urban areas with sufficient existing infrastructure and along mass transportation corridors within the urban …

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Urban Street Vendors Lok Seva Kendra

About us : “Improving the Quality of Life by Encouraging Self Employment of Street vendors among Unemployed Urban Poor for Poverty Alleviation.” Vision : Self suffecient Mumbai Mission : (1) By providing Self Employment to Unemployed Urban Street Vendors in marketing infrastructure to cope up with the large expected marketable …

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Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor WSUP

[imgul:med_ws.gif:]AboutWSUP – Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor – exists to help change that. To provide the water and sanitation that the rest of us take for granted. Working in poor urban areas, WSUP is an innovative organisation that brings together local and global expertise to provide sustainable water …

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North Carolina Public Radio Mission StatementWUNC strivesto influence public life by focusing on civic and cultural issues. Ourgoal is to be connected with the community. The station providesconsistently high quality public service programming presented withintegrity. WUNC creates original programming that reflects thediversity and range of opinion in North Carolina.

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Zebra Panel

What is the Zebra Panel?Race. Religion. Gender. Politics. Age. Sexual Preference. Culture.Disability. Income Class. Body Type. The Zebra Panel acts as a platformfor different people throughout the world to connect and openlycommunicate about these sensitive (but serious) issues we collectivelyface. From there, we engage and share ideas and resources to …

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