Issue Area: Urban Communications

Future Studios

Future Studios and Global Change Music offer audiences a variety of live entertainment possibilities.  Our performances are focused on artists with inspiring messages who promote positive global change, and strive to unite our world in true harmony.  We also specialize in live World-Wide Webcasting.  Through Live World-Wide Webcasts, artists can …

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We are a local, grassroots, community recycling/regiving network, promoting sharing and keeping serviceable items out of landfill.Founded in 2004 as Glasgow Freecycle, and since moved out of the unfortunate politics of that corporation as a locally owned group. Now with 10000 members, an active volunteer moderator group, totally run by …

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Green Drinks,Victoria,BC

There are 227 cities with Green Drinks around the world.They serve as a monthly social venue in each city where the green and socially responsible gather for drinks, conversation and networking. Usually there is no speaker, no agenda, no fees or costs (other than for the food or drink attendees …

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Happy City

If you want to make the most of your street, your community or your city, you’ve come the right place. Happy City is all about bringing people together and helping them share what they know about increasing happiness.This is the place to get the ideas, solutions, inspiration and connections to …

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IIT Institute of Design

The Institute of Design (ID) is a graduate school of design at theIllinois Institute of Technology. We are dedicated to humanizingtechnology and improving the process of innovation, by developing andteaching a more methodological and human-centered approach to design.While most new products and services today are created in response totechnology, marketing, …

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Informationsbüro Nicaragua e.V.

Warum wurde die NRO gegründet?Informations- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit zur Unterstützungder Befreiungsbewegung in Nicaragua; später auch Koordination derunabhängigen Solidaritätsbewegung. SolidarischeUnterstützung u. Parteinahme für Initiativen u. sozialeBewegungen in Nicaragua im Rahmen der Projektarbeit.Ziele, SatzungszweckVerbreitung von Nachrichten und Informationen über Nicaraguaund Mittelamerika; über die soziale und politische Situation;Unterstützung von Projekten und sozialen Bewegungen, u.a. …

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Institute for Participatory Design

The Institute for Participatory Design theoretically explores and practically facilitates design processes which are inclusive of everything which constitutes a social, environmental or economic environment as a context for a design.We try to achieve two goals:- to include not only humans but also non-human elements and factors into generative participation …

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