Issue Area: Urban Revitalization

1000 Friends of Iowa

The mission of 1000 Friends of Iowa is to educate the citizens of our state about the long-term benefits of halting urban sprawl, conserving and protecting our agricultural and natural resources, and revitalizing our cities and towns.

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1000 Friends of Wisconsin

1000 Friends of Wisconsin was created in 1996 to protect and enhance Wisconsin’s urban and rural landscapes by providing citizens with the inspiration, information and tools they need to effectively participate in the decisions that have the greatest impact on community health: where we live, work, learn, play and how …

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A Vehicle for Change

A Vehicle for Change uses creative communication to inform and inspire. Our destination : a peaceful, more organic world.

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Activité : Amélioration des conditions de vie et de travail Objectif principal: Améliorer les conditions de vie et de travail de tous les membres pour un développement économique, intellectuel, socio-culturel et sanitaire.

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AASARA was formed in 1993, thanks to a group of people under the leadership of Father Joe and Sister Sandhya. The organisation began in the Thane train station, in Bombay. Since then AASARA has come a long way, building up its capacity to shelter, and research into the needs of, …

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Action for a Better Community Of Monroe and Ontario County, NY

To stimulate a better focusing of all available local, state, private, and federal resources upon the goal of enabling low-income individuals of all ages, in rural and urban areas, to attain the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed for them to become fully self-sufficient.Action for a Better Community is the leading …

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African Marketplace & Cultural Faire

The African Marketplace & Cultural Faire was created to increase the understanding and appreciation of the global influence of Africa and its Diaspora through improved inter-ethnic communications locally, nationally and internationally. After 19 years of existence, our loyal audience of 200,000 people come each year to experience art, culture, shopping, …

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