Issue Area: Waste Management

`C` Road Residents Group

C’ Road Residents Group mission is to establish an advanced locality management system and to undertake beautification, safety & other social responsibilities necessary for the protection of the citizens.This is a group formed by the residents of ‘C’ Road with the aim of making the area garbage free.

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1-village Community

I-village Community is a worldwide network of individuals and communities based on common interest in Food, Water/Energy. Transport, Prosperity and Ecology.  Through a mentoring program, members a provided the facilities to participate in sustainable projects and the cooperation to initiate new ventures.

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¿Quienes somos?Somos unos artesanos que únicamente utilizamos residuos como materia prima para la elaboración de nuestros trabajos. En nuestra producción no utilizamos productos tóxicos.Realizamos todo tipo de trabajos artesanales: regalos de empresas, mobiliario de diseño, lámparas y decoración en general. Llevamos investigando en este campo del reciclaje diez años, cinco …

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On June 9th, 2009 the city of San Francisco passed a waste management ordinance that will require all residents and businesses to begin sorting compost and recycling by October 21, 2009. The city has initiated this plan in an attempt to reach a 2010 goal of 75% waste diversion from …

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A SEED JAPAN MissionA SEED Japan (Action for Solidarity, Equality, and Environment and Development) is a Japan based, international youth environmentalorganisation.A SEED Japan strives for a sustainable and fair society and focuses on cross border environmental problems and the social injustices found within these.We aim to change the present pattern …

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The Name is “AARTANA” . It is a Sanskrit word which means “waste”. Weare from India & from the top most industrializedstate & Land of entrepreneurship called”GUJARAT”. We are right now at nascent stage. This saga will bornup , when I was  stroked by the glimpse  IndianRailway. I am regular commuter & also a ardent rail- fan, when …

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Aberdeen Friends of the Earth

AFoE is a local group of Friends of the Earth (Scotland). We join in with national campaigns such as the Campaign for Environmental Justice, but, in keeping with Friends of the Earth’s basic concept of Think Globally, Act Locally, most of our work is on subjects directly linked to the …

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