Issue Area: Fiscal Policies, Institutions and Taxation

Alabama Arise

Arise is a coalition of 132 religious, community, and civic groups that promote state policies to improve the lives of low-income people.At the 2004 Annual Meeting, Arise member groups affirmed the following 15-year and 3-year policy outcome goals:The 15-year outcome goals identify large-scale changes in state law and policy that …

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Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform ACCR

ACCR is a public interest group dedicated to helping Alabamians draft a new state constitution. ACCR represents members across Alabama who believe in the power of citizens to create a better future for themselves and their state.We are devoted to the idea that people deserve the best government they can …

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Alliance of Complementary Currencies Enabling Sustainable Societies ACCESS Foundation

[imgur:access_foundation.gif:]Introduction :The Access Foundation is an international, educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of mankind through the understanding and use of complementary monetary innovations.Mission :- To promote a broad-based understanding of both traditional and complementary currency systems – their origins, influence, and causal relationships with the entrenched global and …

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Anti-Privatisation Forum [APF]

The Anti-Privatisation Forum is an umbrella organisation bringing together various mass, community organisations to struggle against the privatisation of basic services. We believe that everyone has a human right to access to basic socio-economic services and that these services must not privileges held hostage to the dictates of the private …

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Applied Research Center ARC

The Applied Research Center is a public policy, educational and research institute whose work emphasizes issues of race and social change.Launched in 1981, ARC was born out of the community organizing experience. Both activists and academics recognized a need for rigorous study of the practice of organizing and the need …

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ATTAC Germany

Attac – eine Bewegung mit ZukunftAttac – die französische Abkürzung für “Vereinigung zur Besteuerung von Finanztransaktionen im Interesse der BürgerInnen” – wurde 1998 in Frankreich gegründet. Lag der ursprüngliche Fokus von Attac in dem Eintreten für eine demokratische Kontrolle der internationalen Finanzmärkte und der Einführung der Tobin-Steuer, so haben wir …

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ATTAC Ireland

ATTAC is an organisation dedicated to recapturing the democratic space that has been lost to the global financial sphere. It is fast growing international network of independent national and local groups in some 40 countries with over 90,000 members. Founded in France in 1998, ATTAC was originally inspired by an …

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