Issue Area: Biological Development

ACCEPT Romania

LOBBY, ADVOCACY, ACTIVISMInfluencing legislation and public policies relevant to LGBT peopleLobby activities with respect to the anti-discrimination legislation; relation with the National Council for Combating Discrimination; training courses targeted at law enforcement officers and medical staff.On November 7, 2005, ACCEPT, The Juridical Resources Center, The Partnership for Equality Center and …

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[a:31bee9ab1a32f8c3646393e20387faa1:[imgur:buttoncpi.jpg:]]Altruism in action! We recognize that moral laws of our society and physical laws of the nature take its beginning in the common laws of the Universe. Therefore whole mankind can be treated as one global family. We are deeply convinced that unselfish help to each other makes our world …

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Association AJEDDT

AJEDDT : Association des Jeunes Engagés pour le Développement Durable du Togo.Nous faisons de l’éducation au développement durable et à l’environnement.Nous intervenons dans la lutte contre l’immigration clandestine des jeunes africains vers l’Occident.Nous cherchons à réduire le chômage en insérant les jeunes dans le système des stages et des emplois …

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