Issue Area: Biological Patents

American Sudanese Partnerships for Peace ASP

The American-Sudanese Partnerships’ mission is to empower the Sudanese people to build a safe and prosperous future. ASP believes that individual social development, political empowerment, and economic opportunity are ultimately the best long term solutions to violence. In conjunction with the local non governmental organizations (NGOs), ASP will help individuals …

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Asociación Dominicana para el Desarrollo de la Mujer ADOPEM

Institution’s Mission:ADOPEM’s mission is to promote the economic development of Dominican women and integrate them and their families into the formal economic system by providing financial services and training, within a framework of ethical values, looking for the benefit of the society in general.

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Centre Européen d’Intérêt Rural et Environnemental CEIRE

In the framework of NGOs enjoying participative status with the Council of Europe, R.E.D. took in January 1990 the initiative of an associative platform grouping actually more than forty international NGOs concerned by rural issues.R.E.D. chairs this group which is actively involved in the activities of the Council of Europe. …

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Centre for Research and Conservation CRC

Centre for Research and Conservation (CRC), the research department of the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp (RZSA). The CRC is not a separate research institute, but is very much embedded in the structure and functioning of the Society. We are part of a larger department of Research and Product Development, …

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Colorado Plateau Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology SCB

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is an international professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity. The Colorado Plateau Chapter provides a forum for communication for the region’s widely dispersed scientific community, and others interested in …

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Coordinadora Nacional Indianista CONACIN

Organización multiétnica de Chile que relaciona a personas y comunidades de diversos pueblos en torno a una propuesta INDIANISTA que surge del agotamiento de las ideologías importadas, incapaces de interpretar nuestra realidad. El indianismo recoge la sabiduría de las culturas milenarias conservadas por nuestros pueblos y comunidades y las ofrece …

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Founded in February 2000, EcoNexus is a not-for profit, public interest research organisation and science watchdog. We are based in the UK and collaborate with a diversity of networks nationally and internationally.EcoNexus currently includes scientists who have specialised in biology and genetics, and people who have worked for many years …

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Fondation du Devenir

The Devenir Foundation was established in January 1995 to promote ideas, trends and action: to improve individual quality of life; to safeguard biological and cultural diversity, and to ensure sound management of natural resources; to foster cooperation between political, economic and social actors; to promote economic activity based on meeting …

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