Issue Area: Knowledge Commons Protection

Agricultural Groups Concerned About Resources and the Environment AGCare

AGCare provides science- and research-based information and policy initiatives on pesticide use, crop biotechnology developments, nutrient management and other related environmental issues surrounding field and horticultural crop production in Ontario.Established in 1987 as an ad hoc committee to provide public communication and policy initiatives on crop protection and related environmental …

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Alliance for Food and Fiber

Alliance for Food and Fiber seeks to aid the public’s understanding of the state’s largest industry, agriculture, and some of the inherent environmental/ economic considerations. Particular issues include agricultural chemical risks and benefits, non-chemical pest control and food safety.KEYWORD DESCRIPTORS: Agriculture/Farming, Chemical/Biological Contamination, Food/Hunger, Pesticides/Toxic Chemicals, Biotechnology

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[a:31bee9ab1a32f8c3646393e20387faa1:[imgur:buttoncpi.jpg:]]Altruism in action! We recognize that moral laws of our society and physical laws of the nature take its beginning in the common laws of the Universe. Therefore whole mankind can be treated as one global family. We are deeply convinced that unselfish help to each other makes our world …

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American Sudanese Partnerships for Peace ASP

The American-Sudanese Partnerships’ mission is to empower the Sudanese people to build a safe and prosperous future. ASP believes that individual social development, political empowerment, and economic opportunity are ultimately the best long term solutions to violence. In conjunction with the local non governmental organizations (NGOs), ASP will help individuals …

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Andrew Shu

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Appa Patwardhan Safai & Paryavaran Tantraniketan

Mission:To make the people aware of the need for a healthy and clean environment.Training in sanitation and biomethanation.Research in sanitation and bioenergy.Develop systems for biogas from human nightsoil.Developing and establishing DOSIWAM system for  integrated waste management. 

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