Issue Area: Agroecology

Accion Internacional

The mission of ACCION International is to give people the tools theyneed to work their way out of poverty. By providing micro” loans

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We, the members of AEGEE…realizing that the European Youth is building the future of our Continent, aspiring to a peaceful Europe free of obstacles and enmities, of false divisions and forced differences, resolve to remove barriers between the peoples of Europe, determined to contribute to a Europe of co-operation and …

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Africa Tour

AFRICATOUR est une association de tourisme solidaire écologiste basée au cameroun ,organisateur de circuits touristiques loin des sentiers battus près des populations au contact des réalités dans le respect de l’environnement et des populations visitées ,une immersion totale dans une zone rurale .

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African Institute for Agrarian Studies [AIAS]

Objectives To promote policy research in agrarian studies throughout Africa To stimulate and facilitate dialogue and public debate on African agrarian studies To train researchers graduate students, policy analysts and activists in agrarian issues Mission Statement The mission of the AIAS is to provide objective policy analysis on agrarian issues …

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Agro-Meslehet NGO

Mission statement: Agro-Meslehet (Agro-Advice) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO), which provides technical economic and management assistance to farmers and agribusiness, as well as consultancy services to private and public nstitutions and also to refugees and displaced people. Agro-Meslehet now has over than 100 consultants on its database and has …

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Agroecologia Universidad Cochabamba

Main purpose of AGRUCO The main goal of AGRUCO is to contribute to sustainable human development through Agroecology and the revalorization of local knowledge, taking into account sociocultural, economic, political and environmental factors.Agroecologia Universidad Cochabamba (AGRUCO) is a university center for investigation, training and social interaction, which proposes alternatives for …

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