Issue Area: Conservation Biology

A Rocha Peru

El primer proyecto de A Rocha se inició en Portugal en 1983. Se estableció un centro de estudio de campo y un observatorio de aves cerca del estuario de Alvor el cual es ahora visitado por miles de personas de muchas partes del mundo.Cristianos en todo el mundo se está …

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Aaranyak Nature Club [ANC]

Large scale destruction of primary forest, loss of habitat, unabated poaching of precious wildlife, lack of peoples awareness and initiatives in this “Biodiversity Hotspot” obliged few young minds to initiate the inception of Aaranyak, a society for biodiversity conservation in September 1989. Aaranyak is now a leading organization in the …

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Abaana-African children

Abaana is a charity run by volunteers, along with three full time workers, for the benefit of less privileged people in Africa. The word Abaana” comes from a language found in the country of Uganda (East Africa) and means “children”. Most of our work is geared towards children in Africa

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Abundant Life Seed Foundation ALSF

Abundant Life Seed Foundation is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Washington whose purposes are to preserve genetic diversity and support sustainable agriculture through acquiring, propagating and preserving native and naturalized seed, with specific emphasis on those species not commercially available, including rare and endangered species; providing information on …

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ActionBioScience mission:- motivate the public to play an active role in bioscience education- show how developments in bioscience research can affect everyone- promote an understanding of biogeography and the biodiversity of life- engage the public to reflect on the relationship between human activity and the natural course of evolution- promote …

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Afri-Leo Foundation International

THE AFRI-LEO FOUNDATION – goals and objectivesEstablished in 1997 by Tammy and Uwe Hoth, this Foundation is based on a farm bordering the south-western section of the Etosha National Park.Our Vision – “the protection and conservation of wild lion populations in Namibia, in co-operation with the Ministry of Environment and …

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