Issue Area: Conservation Biology

Africa Rainforest Conservancy

Africa Rainforest Conservancy supports the work of grassroots communities in east africa working to preserve the biodiversity of the Eastern Arc mountain and coastal forests. We have support the local ngo based in tanzania, the Tanzanian Forest Conservation Group in their visionary work to achieve this end. see

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African Conservation Training Association [ACTA]

ACTA is a group of independent, professional conservationists who represent the breadth of African biodiversity knowledge. ACTA is a non profit training association with the aim to impart capacity for conservation through knowledge and skills to communities in Africa. These people are the guardians of the most unique habitats and …

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African Wild Dog Conservancy AWDC

The African Wild Dog Conservancy is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to working with local communities, and national and international stakeholders to conserve wild dogs through scientific research and education. * Establish and support long-term conservation programs involving local communities in research and education * Develop and implement a collaborative …

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AGAP-Awareness Group on AIDS Prevention

AGAP – Awareness Group on AIDS Prevention is a non-governmental, non-political organization with the overall objective of assisting and helping East African people to have knowledge and skills that can help prevail hope in them even in the worse situation, particularly when they are living with HIV/AIDS virus. AGAP tries …

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Agassiz Audubon Society AAS

Serving the communities of northwestern Minnesota including Kittson, Roseau, Lake of the Woods, Marshall, Polk, Pennington, and Red Lake counties.Purpose:The Wetlands, Pines and Prairie Audubon Sanctuary [WPPAS] is an environmental education center for people with a wide range of interests. From school children discovering the many wonders of nature, through …

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Agrupación de Ingenieros Forestales por el Bosque Nativo

Unir y coordinar los esfuerzos de los Ingenieros Forestales y otros profesionales que están trabajando en diversas instituciones (CONAF, Universidades, ONGs., Empresas, etc.) o en forma independiente por el uso sustentable de los bosques nativos en Chile.Crear un espacio de participación para los Ingenieros Forestales y otros profesionales interesados en …

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Elaboración de programas sobre la problemática ambiental general (reciclaje, aves…). Estos programas se estructuran generalmente combinando actividades prácticas y teóricas, siempre en ambiente lúdico.· Programas completos y continuados de educación ambiental no formal en colaboración con las instituciones. Este tipo de actividades se basan en la realización de itinerarios guiados …

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Aiken Audubon Society

Aiken Audubon Soceity, named for naturalist Charles Aiken [1850-1936], began April 1950 as the Aiken Ornithological Society. The AOS mainly studied birds and their habitats, wrote papers which are now housed in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and had a series of Wildlife Film-Lectures as a community activity.Aiken …

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