Issue Area: Fire Ecology

Utah Environmental Congress [UEC]

Reclaiming and acting upon our ancestral responsibility to the land, the Utah Environmental Congress brings people together to engage in genuine protection of living forest systems that provide islands of refuge in Utah`s desert country.IssuesThe Economics of National Forest Logging:The UEC is opposed to all commercial logging on Forest Service …

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Washington Forest Protection Association WFPA

Founded in 1908 to help fight and prevent uncontrolled forest fires, members of the Washington Forest Protection Association – including large and small companies, families, and individual members – own and manage about 4.2 million acres of forests, today close to two-thirds of the private commercial forestland in Washington state. …

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Welder Wildlife Foundation

Welder Wildlife Foundation is a private, non-profit organization. It was established in 1954 through the will of Rob Hughes Welder. The Foundation has gained international recognition through its graduate student research program. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to conduct research and education in the field of wildlife management …

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West Chicago Prairie Stewardship Group WCPSG

The West Chicago Prairie Stewardship Group is a volunteer organization formed in 1983. Our main purpose is to aid in the management and preservation of the West Chicago Prairie Preserve. We are part of the Volunteer Network established by The Nature Conservancy and we work as a Support Group in …

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Western Australian Forest Alliance [WAFA]

The WA Forest Alliance [WAFA] was formed in 1990 to provide an umbrella body for the many community environment organisations in Perth and throughout the South West that are concerned with forest conservation.Currently WAFA has 30 member organisations, most of them from centres throughout the South West. Representatives of member …

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Western Fire Ecology Center

The Western Fire Ecology Center works to protect public wildlands, preserve native biodiversity, and restore forest ecosystems through research, analysis, and education advocating the restoration of wildland fire ecology processes and the reform of federal fire management policies and practices. We have an active internship program for students and community …

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Western Institute for Study of the Environment

The Western Institute for Study of the Environment is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and a collaboration of environmental scientists, resource professionals and practitioners, and the interested public.Our mission is to inhibit advancements in knowledge and environmental stewardship across a spectrum of related environmental disciplines and professions. We are ready, willing, …

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Whole Farm Services

Whole Farm Services is focused on developing, planning , and building the necessary infrastructure for sustainable agriculture and agroforestry farms. We use regenerative design to guide our process. We specialize in Crop storage, Ferrocement construction, and myceliated bunker spawn.

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