Issue Area: Fire Ecology

Boreal Conservation

The Wildlands League is:- a grassroots organization that actively involves supporters and community members in its activities;- strongly focused on science-based conservation, working with leading scientists and conservation organizations from throughout North America; and- geared to finding positive solutions for environmental problems through research, communications, outreach and consensus building.- a …

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Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center

One of the largest NRS reserves, the Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center encompasses a major drainage system descending from the high peaks of the Santa Rosa Mountains down to Colorado Desert. Deep Canyon’s tributaries begin in montane forests, flow across a rolling plateau covered with piñon-juniper woodland and chaparral, …

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British Ecological Society BES

The BES is an active and thriving organisation with something to offer anyone with an interest in ecology. Academic journals, teaching resources, meetings for scientists and policy makers, career advice and grants for ecologists are just a few of the Society`s areas of activity.The British Ecological Society is a learned …

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California Chaparral Institute

The California Chaparral Institute is an association of scientists, naturalists, and educators who value the chaparral as both a valuable resource and a place to enjoy the wilderness.The California Chaparral Institute promotes an understanding and respect for the chaparral and the Mediterranean climate in which most Californians live in order …

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Centre de suivi ecologique

Centre de suivi ecologique Promotes conservation of pastoral ecosystems through projects concerned with measuring rainfall, improving agricultural production methods and controlling forest fires.

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Douglas Forest Protective Association

The Douglas Forest Protective Association provides wildland fire protection to 1.6 million acres of private, county, state and Bureau of Land Management lands within the Douglas District.

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Ecological Organization Flora

Mission:Protecting the Environment in the region, educating the local inhabitants on the subjects of protecting the environment,healt education,healthy food, ecological workshops, ecological campaignes.Our organization coresponds with other organizations throughout our country as well as with international ecological organizations who treats similar ecological problems.

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Ente Foreste della Sardegna

Rientra nella missione dell’Ente lo sviluppo e la valorizzazione del patrimonio forestale e faunistico del territorio regionale, nonché la creazione e diffusione di una cultura che contempli valori naturalistici, storici e culturali propri della Sardegna. Questi obiettivi, estremamente attuali nelle nuove politiche di gestione dell’ambiente naturale, abbracciano un campo molto vasto di tematiche. In ambito …

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Environmental Protection Operation

Preservation of wetlands worldwideHalting old forest growth and ancient forest logging in the US Pacific NorthwestHalting clearing of the South American rainforestPreserving farmland throughout the worldBringing environmental regulation to ChinaShutting down nuclear power plants worldwideProtection of endangered species and biodiversity

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