Issue Area: Fire Ecology

Fire Island Ecology

Fire Island is a narrow barrier island located south of Long Island, east of New York City. Zoomable map. The Island is 32 miles long, separating Great South Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. It was built by a process of accretion over many centuries. The island is made (and constantly …

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Fondation centrafricaine pour la sauvegarde des ressources FOCSARENA

Raises public’s awareness and sense of responsibility on the management of natural resources. Organises tree planting in the most arid regions of the country. Encourages the setting up of village committees to limit bush fires. Co-operates with the Government in efforts to reduce the usage of wood for domestic purposes.

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Foreste per Sempre

Foreste per Sempre ® nasce dalla consapevolezza della dimensione globale delle questioni ambientali e della necessità di conservare il patrimonio naturale di altre aree del mondo, anche lontane, per riuscire a proteggere il proprio territorio.

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Foyer des jeunes et de la culture de Boulandor

Foyer des jeunes et de la culture de Boulandor Initiates activities aimed at protecting the environment. Participates in projects which prevent soil erosion. Initiates actions to control and eliminate bush fires. Creates freshwater dams.

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Friends of Short Hills Park

– the park is a unique natural environment to be preserved for its own sake, as well as for future generations – my responsibility is of a caretaker, to actively seek to promote the ecological health and diversity of the park I pledge to;

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Fundy Model Forest

Many dedicated individuals and organizations, with diverse interests and perspectives, form the partnership that is the Fundy Model Forest. They come together to share ideas and information, evaluate the impact of various approaches to resource management, and undertake research to assist in better forest management.

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Global Mass Community (Welfare Organization)

Global Mass Community (Welfare Organization) is a registered grassroots organization operating in the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir with the aim of increasing public awareness of the natural environment & forestry needs; promotion of information technology; free medical camping in remote areas of forest; wildlife security; and tourism & …

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Great Burn Study Group

The Great Burn Study Group is dedicated to achieving wilderness designation for the proposed Great Burn Wilderness and to conserving the wild and remote character of the northern Bitterroot Mountains in western Montana and northern Idaho.

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