Issue Area: Landscape Ecology

A.C. Valle del Arco Iris

Mission:In our organization we´re dedicated to the development of the country man in his aspect social, economist and technology. And protection of the ecology.

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Adirondack Communities and Conservation Program ACCP

The Adirondack Park in northern New York State is a model of people coexisting with wilderness. With a nearly equal division of public and private land, the Adirondacks have strong voices supporting both conservation and community interests. WCS involvement emerged in 1994 with the goal of bringing stakeholders together to …

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Adkins Arboretum

The mission of Adkins Arboretum, a 400-acre native garden and preserve on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is to promote the appreciation and conservation of the native plants of the Delmarva Peninsula. The Arboretum’s diverse setting of woodlands, meadows, wetlands, streams, and gardens serves as a model for land management and ecological …

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AFS Intercultural Denmark

Denmark is a small country which has a lot to offer within easy reach. The viking heritage, the beautiful landscapes, an egalitarian and informal culture as well as the hectic life of modern European cities. Greenland and the Faeroes are part of the kingdom of Denmark, but are largely self-governing. …

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FOMENTAR LA GESTION FORESTAL SOSTENIBLE Y PLURIFUNCIONAL DE LOS BOSQUES PIRENAICOS. PRESERVAR EL PATRIMOJNIO FORESTAL SINGULAR Y CONVERTIRLO EN ATRACTIVO TURISTICO. Principales áreas de actividad ambiental:Actividades recreativasEcosistemas forestalesPatrimonio cultural y paisajeProtección de la faunaTurismo

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Agua Fria Open Space Alliance, Inc.

AFOSA is concerned with open space preservation in central Arizona.  Every aspect of open space in the region is under pressure from developers anxious to convert the natural landscape into roads and residences.  AFOSA is concentrating its efforts on encouraging wildlife conservation with information provided in its

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