Issue Area: Restoration Ecology

A Society for Integrated Rural Development ASSIST

ASSIST is a non-government organisation (NGO) working towards the empowerment of the poor, through the creation of people’s organisations. Its main goal is to help the deprived unite for development and achieve economic sustainability.The villages covered by ASSIST are located in Prakasam and Guntur districts of Andhra Pradesh , South …

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A.C. Valle del Arco Iris

Mission:In our organization we´re dedicated to the development of the country man in his aspect social, economist and technology. And protection of the ecology.

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Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration-Canada

We address the socioeconomic and ecological issues surrounding new technologies that could have an impact on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. We investigate ecological erosion (including the erosion of cultures and human rights); the development of new technologies (especially agricultural but also new technologies that work with genomics and …

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ADENE, se constituyó el día 30 de Abril del año 1993, y estaba formada por un grupo de voluntarios que combatían los incendios forestales que ocurrían en la Sierra de Enguera, los llamados «apagafuegos».Fue después del gran incendio del año 1991, donde se empezó a gestar Adene, de un puñado …

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Adirondack Ecological Center AEC

The Adirondack Ecological Center (AEC) is the leader in ecological sciences in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York and a major contributor to the science internationally. Established in 1971 by the State University of New York College of Environmental Forestry (ESF) in Syracuse, the AEC provides the science that …

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Ahahui Mlama i ka Lhaki

Woot ‘Ahahui Mâlama i ka Lôhaki is a non-profit group of Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians devoted to the presevation of native species and ecosystems, and the importance of their relationship to Hawaiian culture. We believe that our culture will be greatly diminished unless we support efforts to conserve native Hawaiian ecosystems …

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AIESEC in over 800 universities in 89 countries and territories, the world’s largest student-run organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society.Our Name:AIESEC. Formerly an French acronym for Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales”. …

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