Issue Area: Restoration Ecology

Ak-Kaiyn Public Fund

Creation of biological variety, renewal and rational using its resources in order to increase the life conditions for the local level.

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Akwapim Mountains Women`s Forum

The Akwapim Mountains Women Forum is Non- Profit making organisation Activities 1.sustaianable agriculture and rural development 2.Education lnitiatives 3.Ecological restoration programmes. 4.Alternative livelihood programmes. 5.HIV and AIDS Education 6.lnternational mountains day celebration.

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Alabama Coastal Foundation ACF

The Alabama Coastal Foundation [ACF] was developed from a vision.  A vision in which we could join hands as a rational group of caring educated people, collectively and honestly acknowledging the interdependence of a healthy environment and a healthy economy.  It was this simple but complex premise from which the …

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Alameda Creek Alliance ACA

The Alameda Creek Alliance is a volunteer based community watershed group working to restore native steelhead trout to Alameda Creek.The Alameda Creek watershed is the largest drainage in the southern San Francisco Bay region, encompassing almost 700 square miles. The watershed includes remote wildlands along upper Alameda Creek within Sunol …

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Alaverdi Ecological Center Environmental NGO

– To create and develop a system of ecological education and reliable information in Alaverdi city and the region;- To contribute to formation of citizens’ ecological thinking and workstyle;- To promote elaboration of a fea

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Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation

Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation Our environmental mission is to conserve nature by:* Rehabilitating and releasing injured birds of prey back to the wild.* Captive breeding and release of endangered species.* Studying and monitoring wild birds of prey populations.* Encouraging increased public environmental awareness.Our history & philosophy:Active since 1982 and …

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Aldeas Infantiles (Costa Rica)

En vista de la miseria en que se hallaban innumerables huérfanos de guerra y niños que se quedaron sin patria al finalizar la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el austriaco Hermann Gmeiner emprendió, en el año 1949, en la pequeña ciudad tirolesa de Imst, la construcción de la primera Aldea Infantil SOS …

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Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society

Mission StatementOur mission is to promote understanding and appreciation of the diversity and interdependence of Earth`s natural ecosystems, focusing on their preservation, conservation, and restoration. Our aim is lifelong education of ourselves and the public to the wonder and intricacy of those systems and their active safeguarding.

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Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Maryland Baltimore ACB

The ACB recruits and mobilizes broad public support for the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers, through education, hands-on restoration projects, and public-policy analysis.The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is a regional nonprofit organization that builds and fosters partnerships to protect and to restore the Bay and its …

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