Issue Area: Economic Development

Zimbabwe Decentralised Co-operation Programme [ZDCP]

Objectives * To alleviate poverty through the enhancement of self reliance of selected rural and urban communities * To improve demand driven service delivery to five disadvantaged communities in the areas of Economic Empowerment, food security, education and health which were identified through a stakeholder consultation process. * To enhance …

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Zimbabwe Project Trust

Objectives To contribute towards poverty reduction by promoting sustainable community based programmes. Mission Statement To facilitate access to skills and resources to the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized women, men, girls and boys of Zimbabwe for enhanced sustainable management of livelihood activities that promote fairness, equity and justice. .

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Zohra Foundation

Zohra foundation is a non governmental organization founded in 1997 working in Bhakkar(punjab) Pakistan for the Socio-Economic and Political Empowerment of Marginalaized communities. Objectives – Provide basic health and hygiene education and improve functioning of existing services as a means of community mobilization- Enhance literacy and education in the program …

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Zorge Children Care Charity Society

Mission : Investigation of the influence of ecological pollutuion on children’s health; conducting seminars for medical staff and farmers; psycho-social rehabilitation of children, affected with talassaemia. Organization activity: Health, Health education, Income generation

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