Issue Area: Rural Development

Zigen Fund

The Zigen Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1988. The Fund is dedicated to the support of grass-root effort that promotes sustainable human-centered development. To this end, it provides people-to-people assistance to human-centered projects with a view to creating enabling conditions for poor and underprivileged communities in China.Mission:  …

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Zikulise Community Upliftment Project

Our Vision: – To uplift the local community by addressing the unemployment crisis and resulting poverty, the failure rate of small businesses and the plight of the HIV Aids orphans through the provision of incubator and short-course skills training, support, advice and mentorship.- Zikulise’s highest priority is the creation and …

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Zimbabwe Decentralised Co-operation Programme [ZDCP]

Objectives * To alleviate poverty through the enhancement of self reliance of selected rural and urban communities * To improve demand driven service delivery to five disadvantaged communities in the areas of Economic Empowerment, food security, education and health which were identified through a stakeholder consultation process. * To enhance …

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Zimbabwe Environment Regional Organization ZERO

ZERO was established to provide marginalized people with information on issues affecting their lives and to generate information reflecting the interests of rural communities. ZERO seeks to a provide meaningful contribution to the sustainable and equitable use and management of land resources for the benefit of the disadvantaged rural communities …

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Zimbabwe Women`s Bureau [ZWB]

ObjectivesTo promote entrepreneurial development and improve overall project implementation in order to achieve self reliance through the promotion of effective marketing strategies, networking, functional literacy and business management.To improve management of information of the organisation and create common ground, understanding and awreness of civic, legal, health issues among ZWB membersTo …

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