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Aagaas Federation

ALAKNANDA GHAATI SHILPI FEDERATION (AAGAAS FEDERATION) is a voluntary orgnisation working in the central hiamlayan region of India since 2004,this is registered orgnisation by state govt.under societies registration act.The meaning of AAGAAS –

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AbundantHope is a global organization, serving the ascension of our planet into a higher vibrancy. I have Regional Directors currently serviing Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Central America, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. More coming. The organization is the ground organization” directly supporting the goals of our particular Universe …

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AIESEC in Bosnia & Herzagovina

AIESEC,the world`s largest student organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact in society.It is Present in over 800 universities in 89 countries and territories. Our NameAIESEC Formerly an French acronym for Association Internationale desEtudiants en Sciences …

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Americans for Fair Trade

Our purpose is to promote and educate the American public and lawmakers on the dangers CAFTA poses to our economy, our workers and our environment and to global human rights.CAFTA seeks to establish a free trade zone with six countries of Latin America with a total GDP equal to that …

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Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland (ASB) e. V. – Auslandshilfe

Warum wurde die NRO gegründet?Der Verein wurde 1888 als Selbsthilfe der Arbeiterschaftgegründet. Das Vereinsziel war die gegenseitige Unterstützungbei sozialen Schwierigkeiten der benachteiligten Arbeiterschicht.Daraus entwickelten sich bereits Anfang des 20. JahrhundertsHilfsleistungen ins Ausland.Ziele, SatzungszweckDurchführung von Projekten der Humanitären Hilfe undEntwicklungszusammenarbeit, Aufbau von Sozialstrukturen in Südost-und Osteuropa, Katastrophenhilfe.ZielgruppenSozial benachteiligte Bevölkerungsgruppen (insbesonders inländl. …

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Asia Monitor Resource Center

Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) is an independent non-government organization (NGO) which focuses on Asian labour concerns. Founded in 1976, AMRC has been leading the way in promoting workers’ rights and democratic labour movements in Asia and the Pacific for over 25 years now.The Centre supports a democratic and independent …

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Associação ComuniDária

A Associação Comunidária é uma organização sem fins lucrativos, sediada em Lisboa, com número de pessoa colectiva 508438330 fundada por imigrantes e não imigrantes, que tem como fim intervir na promoção da igualdade de género e oportunidades da população em risco de exclusão social; nomeadamente mulheres, imigrantes e minorias étnicas, …

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