Issue Area: Globalization Impacts

1world communication

1world communication is an international non profit organization dedicated to bringing news, information, and opinions on the critical issues of our times, by activists and journalists from countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. International trade and financial agreements pushed by developed countries and backed by …

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21st Century Trust

As globalization transforms how we relate to one another across national and professional boundaries, it is essential that future decision takers and opinion leaders from all walks of life have the opportunity to learn from one another and to test their ideas in an international and inter-disciplinary context. The Trust …

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3D Three

3D -> Trade – Human Rights – Equitable Economy promotes collaboration amongst trade, development and human rights professionals, to ensure that trade rules are developed and applied in ways that promote an equitable economy.3D´s overall goal is to promote an equitable economy in which all people can enjoy their human …

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A Year Without War

A Year Without War is an evolving on-line global community dedicated to realizing the year 2020  as a year without war. The AYWW community will grow to at least 765 million members by 2020 as 765 million will be 10% of the predicted human population in 2020. Social Science research …

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About Climate Change

The focus is on being a resource for those interested in clean energy. We are growing links to other relavent websites and publish articles that provide solutions and alternatives to dirty energy sources.

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AbundantHope is a global organization, serving the ascension of our planet into a higher vibrancy. I have Regional Directors currently serviing Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Central America, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. More coming. The organization is the ground organization” directly supporting the goals of our particular Universe …

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Access Media Alliance AMA

Exposing institutionalised exclusionism in the public and private sectors. Areas of Focus 1) Caste Discrimination 2) Class & Race 3) Colonialism 4) Communications/Media 5) Death Penalty 6)Educational Disparities 7) Environmental Racism 8) Globalization 9) Hate Crimes 10) Hate Group Monitoring 11) Health Disparities 12) Housing 13) Migrant Rights 14) Multiculturalism/Diversity …

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Action for Southern Africa ACTSA Scotland

ACTSA Scotland (Action for Southern Africa – successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement)works in Scotland on issues relating to Southern Africa – the SADC countries. Equal attention to all 13 countries is beyond our capacity so we have a particular interest in a twinning link with Eastern Cape Province of …

Read More exists to encourage individuals and groups around the world to resist the unequal, inhumane and toxic consequences of Western economic, military and cultural supremacy. Our argument is that everyone in their day to day lives can engage in an act of resistance which, no matter how small, serves to …

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