Issue Area: Institutional Accountability

Action Aid Bangladesh AAB

ActionAid works with children, families and communities across over 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and Caribbean to alleviate poverty. In the twenty years since ActionAid started operations in Bangladesh, we have evolved from an organisation intently focused on development in a specific geographically remote area in Bangladesh, …

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ACTION for Conflict Transformation America

Our Vision :A global network of individuals and organisations built on shared values, working with communities and committed to positive action to transform conflict and build a world of justice and peace where basic needs are met and human rights and dignity are respected. Our Mission :To promote people-centred approaches …

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Action for Good Governance and Networking in India AGNI

AGNI [Action for Good Governance and Networking in India] is a response to the anger and helplessness felt by ordinary people in Mumbai over their living conditions, which are worse every day. Virtually every problem can be traced to the way the city is run by its politicians and administrators. …

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Action for UN Renewal

Aims: 1) To persuade the Government to place the UN at the centre of foreign policy, operating through its agencies and programmes wherever possible, supporting it with adequate funds and personnel. 2) To enhance the Government’s participation in the UN system, urging that it is transparent and publicly accountable. 3) …

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Africa Action – Washington, DC

Africa Action is a national organization that works for political, economic and social justice in Africa. Through the provision of accessible information and analysis combined with the mobilization of public pressure we work to change the policies and policy-making processes of U.S. and multinational institutions toward Africa. We believe that …

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Africa Governance, Monitoring and Advocacy Project AfriMAP London

Mission & Objectives AfriMAP, the Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project, is an initiative of the Soros Foundation NetworkÂ’s four African foundations, and works with national civil society organizations to conduct systematic audits of government performance in three areas: the justice sector and the rule of law; political participation and …

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Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network AEFJN

Since 1988 the Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN), a faith-based international network mandated by 44 catholic religious and missionary Institutes working in Africa and Europe, promote equitable economic relations between Africa and Europe.AEFJN is directed by the Executive Committee, elected from among the general assembly of member institutes of …

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