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Alderleaf Wilderness College

Alderleaf Wilderness College offers innovative wilderness, tracking,and nature programs in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Led byexperienced faculty, our courses provide students with valuable skillsand experiences in the field of

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Burlington Time Banks

A Time Bank is a group of individuals and organizations who agree to spend and earn Time Dollars. A Time Dollar is something you earn when you help a neighbor for one hour. Our mission is to use Time Dollars as a tool for creating vibrant, safe, inclusive neighborhoods; for …

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Calgary Dollars

Calgary Dollars is a grassroots currency system that brings together local talents and resources to strengthen our local economy and build community.A community’s true wealth lies in the skills, talents and capabilities of its members, and we believe that every single person has something of value to offer to their …

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Christian Council for Monetary Justice

CCMJ is a networking Council or ‘open congregation’ focussed around a weekly meeting, the LONDON GLOBAL OPEN TABLE, but affirming, encouraging, critiquing efforts to design and implement pragmatic ways of ending the debt-money system with its inherent exploitation of society and planet.Concerned with the power of DESTRUCTIVE COMPETITION  and ECONOMIC …

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Complementary Currency Resource Center

The Complementary Currency Research Group is a network of researchers, writers, authors, academics and students working on complementary currency systems; network, chain and cluster economic systems; community currency and local currency systems; micro-financial initiatives and other types of appropriate economic systems.The purpose of the ccResearch Group is to encourage co-development …

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Dane Co. Timebank – Dane County, WI

The Dane County Timebank is a network of Timebanks in Dane County, both neighbor-to-neighbor and program-based. We are working to replicate various Timebank models in local organizations and communities, and using Timebanking to link those communities and programs in ways that broaden the resources available to everyone — building community …

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Debt Relief Now!

Organizes a week of global action against debt and IFIs and is an initiative of the different movements and organisations in the International South North Campaign on Illegitimate Debt.The week of global action against debt is an initiative of the different movements and organizations in the International South North Campaign …

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Dubai School Of Government

Awesome resource/ loaded with data of educational benefit… many many globally relevant articles/ studies, pdf files etc. …  about:

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