Issue Area: Fair Trade


A Cova da Terra é unha ONG que traballa desde 1995 no eido do comercio xusto, vendendo produtos das cooperativas de países empobrecidos e sensibilizando e formando ás/aos consumidoras/es, e futuras/os consumidoras/es do noso contorno máis próximo. A Cova da Terra pertence como socio fundador á Coordinadora Estatal de Comercio …

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A Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities PEKEA

PEKEA sets up a global think tank network :PEKEA is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations granted in July 2006PEKEA is running as an open network , gathering academics from various disciplines, people committed in concrete actions and also local …

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AAA Lowlines

Local Harvest- LocalHarvest maintains a definitive and reliable living” public nationwide directory of small farms

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Aang Serian Peace Village

Aang Serian [the name means `House of Peace` in Maasai language] is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in March 1999 by young people in Arusha, Northern Tanzania.It is officially registered with the National Arts Council of Tanzania [BASATA] as an organisation for the promotion of arts and culture.Aang Serian is …

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Acção Jovem para a Paz AJP

Acção Jovem para a Paz (AJP) is a National Youth Organization, a Non-Governmental Organization for Development and a branch (member) of the International Movement Youth Action for Peace (YAP).AJP main activities are: 1) Training of youth leaders, for activities and associative work 2) European Voluntary Service, long and short-term 3) …

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Action for Economic Reforms AER

Action for Economic Reforms (AER) is an independent, reform-oriented public interest organization that conducts policy analysis and advocacy on key economic issues.AER is a think tank in the manner that its main work combines research with problem solving. AER undertakes research to obtain information, deepen knowledge, and generate resources. Such …

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Action for Sustainable Living

Action for Sustainable Living [AfSL] helps people to live more sustainably. We offer a free consultation in your own home, focusing on simple changes that will make the world a better place to live in – for us and for our children. Action for Sustainable Living is a small, dynamic …

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Activist Student Union, DePaul University

The Activist Student Union is a registered student group at DePaul University. We reject hierarchies in our structure, focusing instead on reaching consensus on what we want to do as a group. The school requires us to list a president, but we don’t have one person that tells others what …

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ADECO – Amistad, Desarrollo y Cooperación

ADECO es una Organización No Gubernamental para el desarrollo, inspirada en un espíritu humanista-cristiano. Se fundó el 20-2-1991 con los objetivos de: *Luchar contra la pobreza de las poblaciones del Sur y buscar los medios con los que alcanzar su propio desarrollo *Promover y realizar proyectos de desarrollo, movilizando y …

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