Issue Area: Sustainable and Fair Trade

Acção Jovem para a Paz AJP

Acção Jovem para a Paz (AJP) is a National Youth Organization, a Non-Governmental Organization for Development and a branch (member) of the International Movement Youth Action for Peace (YAP).AJP main activities are: 1) Training of youth leaders, for activities and associative work 2) European Voluntary Service, long and short-term 3) …

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Acem Meditation House

Acem meditation is based on Ancient Insights and Modern Psychology.  No Guru Cult and Non Religious.The results are Deep Relaxation, Better Concentration,Good Health, Improved Relationships, Self Understanding, Stress release, Personality development, Inner strength, and Self realisation.

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Ackerman Foundation

[imgur:ackerman_foundationnn.jpg:]The foundation was established as a charitable trust in 1992 by James F. Ackerman, a local entrepreneur and philanthropist. Established under the laws of the State of Indiana, the foundation welcomes and considers grant proposals from eligible organizations which are tax exempt under the United States Internal Revenue Service Code …

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Action for Economic Reforms AER

Action for Economic Reforms (AER) is an independent, reform-oriented public interest organization that conducts policy analysis and advocacy on key economic issues.AER is a think tank in the manner that its main work combines research with problem solving. AER undertakes research to obtain information, deepen knowledge, and generate resources. Such …

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Action for Sustainable Living

Action for Sustainable Living [AfSL] helps people to live more sustainably. We offer a free consultation in your own home, focusing on simple changes that will make the world a better place to live in – for us and for our children. Action for Sustainable Living is a small, dynamic …

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Activist Student Union, DePaul University

The Activist Student Union is a registered student group at DePaul University. We reject hierarchies in our structure, focusing instead on reaching consensus on what we want to do as a group. The school requires us to list a president, but we don’t have one person that tells others what …

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