Issue Area: Trade Balance

Arab NGOs Network for Development [ANND]

MissionThe Arab NGOs Network for Development is an independent, democratic, and civic organization that aims at strengthening civil society and enhancing the values of democracy and respect of Human Rights and sustainable development in the Arab region. It works towards its aim through programs of advocacy and lobbying on regional …

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Arbeitskreis Dritte Welt e.V.

Warum wurde die NRO gegründet?Ein Bewusstsein für die Verflechtung zwischenIndustrieländern und sogenannten Entwicklungsländern undfür den Gedanken der Einen” Welt in unserer Bevölkerungbilden

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Cuba Solidarity Campaign Great Britain

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is the British campaign for the defence of Cuba and its peoples’ right to self-determination and national sovereignty. * We believe that the people of Cuba, like any other nation, must be free to decide their own internal affairs without outside interference. * We defend, therefore, …

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Fair Tracing Project

The aim of the Fair Tracing project is to support Ethical Trade by implementing IT Tracking and Tracing Technologies in supply chains to provide consumers and producers with enhanced information. The project started in October 2006 and is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.The Fair Tracing project …

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Subsidies paid to farmers and others under the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy amount to approximately €43.5 billion a year, more than 40% of European Union’s entire annual budget, or around €100 a year for each EU is a project coordinated by the Danish International Center for Analytical Reporting …

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