Issue Area: Trafficking of Women

Agir pour les Femmes en Situation Précaire Lao PDR

MissionAFESIP exists to combat trafficking in women and children for sex slavery; to care for and rehabilitate those rescued from sex slavery; to provide occupational skills and to reintegrate those rescued into the community in a sustainable and innovative manner. AFESIP also seeks to combat the causes and effects of …

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Agro-forestry, Basic health & Co-operatives, ABC

ABC Nepal is a human rights organization working for the rights of women and children with a special focus on the prevention of trafficking of girls.ABC/ Nepal conducts programs on women`s issues in Nepal with the goal of empowering women by improving their social, economic and political status.ABC/Nepal strives to …

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Alabama Coalition Against Rape ACAR

The Alabama Coalition Against Rape is a statewide nonprofit organization working to prevent sexual violence in the State of Alabama. Since its inception in 1995, ACAR has utilized its voice to advocate for the rights of countless victims and affect critical change through its active role in public policy, education …

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ALERT of Arizona

Our ObjectivesFirst, ALERT seeks to educate the public about human trafficking to raise awareness of the problem. This includes training sessions for law enforcement and talks with community groups. We seek to improve the detection and prosecution of human trafficking cases, in order to prevent future exploitation of migrants.Second, ALERT …

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Alliance Against Human Trafficking

Alliance Against Human Trafficking is an Immigrant and Refugee Coalition Challenging Gender Based Oppression, is a coalition of ethnically diverse advocates in Atlanta, Georgia working on issues of violence against women. Alliance Against Human Trafficking received an ORR grant to provide post-certification services to victims of trafficking.

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Alliance Against Trafficking in Women and Children in Nepal AATWIN

Objectives: – To increase social awareness in trafficking of women and children. – To create pressure and lobby to concerned agencies for the implementation, revision and reformulation of policy, rule, regulation, and law. Programs: – Training, Workshop, Lobbying, Advocacy, Networking- Women in Black”: Campaign against human trafficking”

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Alliance Against Trafficking In Women and Children, AATWIN

AATWIN is active in the advocacy, lobbying and campaigning against the trafficking of women in children in Nepal. The alliance`s commitment is to focus on bringing the trafficking problem from local level and finally to the international level if necessary. 1. To increase social awareness in trafficking of women and …

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Ambassadors’ Girls’ Scholarship Program

[imgur:6.jpg:]The Ambassadors’ Girls’ Scholarship Program is a key component of the U.S. President’s Africa Education Initiative and is funded by USAID. Implementing the program in 12 countries, World Education is addressing the constraints to girls’ participation, retention, and achievement in school.These constraints include financial and opportunity costs, socio-cultural factors such …

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