Issue Area: Women and the Environment

YAPIDI Foundation

YAPIDI has been active in the Karo region since 1991, and in the Deli Serdang region since 1993.Vision StatementTo form a civil society which promotes democracy, the supremacy of the law and the values of human rights and gender equity to foster the totality of creation.Main Objective:To achieve a suitable …

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Young Women Christian Association YWCA

Mission:To undertake poverty alleviation programmes by promoting income generation activities.To make the people aware of their human rights and duties.To make the people aware of the need for the preservation and conservation of the environment.To work for the overall welfare of the disadvantaged community.To undertake disaster management activities.To work for …

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Yuva Janiv

Mission:To provide sanitation facilities in rural areas.To solve problems of youth like unemployment.To start literacy programmes for the poor.To create awareness among people about environment.To provide education for women and children in rural areas.To set up vocational training programmes.

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Zambia Association for Research and Development, ZARD

Background: ZARD was formed in 1984 for the purpose of encouraging research on the position of women in Zambia; and to create channels of communication between researchers and others concerned with the place of women in the development process in Zambia. The organization does not have its own research funds …

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Zambia Integrated Settlement Upgrading

Action Areas: * Agriculture * Community Sustainable Development * Democracy * Disabled * Entrepreneurship * Environment * Gender Analysis * Health * Income Generating Activities * Poverty Eradication * Pre-School Education * Primary Education * Secondary Education * Small Business DevelopmentPurpose:To empower poor communities particularly women in unplanned settlements in …

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Zambian Women in Agriculture

Action Areas:Agriculture Capacity Building Community Sustainable Development Credit Empowerment Environment Food and Nutrition Micro-Finance Poverty Eradication Savings Training Purpose: To facilitate the development of affordable and sustainable agricultural production for rural women farmers, thus reducing poverty levels and fighting hunger and malnutrition; to empower rural women farmers with training information, …

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