Issue Area: Women's Education

9to5 National Association of Working Women

9to5 is committed to:1) Winning family-friendly policies to help working people balance responsibilities at home and on the job.2) Making nonstandard jobs voluntary and equitable so that those who work part-time or as temps receive fair pay and benefits.3) Eliminating workplace discrimination through educating about legal rights on the job, …

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9to5 National Association of Working Women Poverty Network

In 1973 a group of office workers in Boston got together to talk about issues which had no name—sexual harassment, work/family challenges, and pay equity. From this beginning 9to5 emerged as the national organization dedicated to putting working women’s issues on the public agenda. 9to5’s consituents are low-wage women, women …

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A Commitment to Training and Employment for Women ACTEW

Founded in 1987, A Commitment to Training and Employment for Women (ACTEW) is a provincial umbrella group, of supporters, trainers, agencies, and organizations delivering employment and training services to women. ACTEW’s mission is to promote and support community-based training opportunities for women. ACTEW is a registered charity.ACTEW promotes women’s full …

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A`I Saleh Development Foundation

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES:>..To concentrate on the development of skills in rural areas, including upgrading of local craftsmen and women, thereby economically empowering the people.>..To build educational facilities in villages where there are none, and to strengthen formal training at the primary level, to educate women on sustainable lifestyle and help …

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A.B.L.E. Families

Mission to confront the systemic causes of poverty by supporting families as they make positive changes in their lives.”A.B.L.E. Families…Affirms the dignity of each individual and/ or family unit;Believes in the talent and capability of each person; valuesLearning as a key to success; andEmpowers individuals and/ or families to reach …

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Aadarsha Welfare Society AWS

Aadarsha Welfare Society (AWS) is a registered (October 1994) Voluntary Organisation working in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh.AWS is the result of deep-rooted reflections and rich experience in the field of rural development. The prime reason for the genesis of the organization is to evolve a methodology that would sustain …

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Objectives To organize & strengthen women to ensure their participation in the Development process. To capacitate the women and provide opportunities for economic empowerment. To enhance Womens Role through providing them Education, and sector specific training. To aware and sensitize stakeholders for achieving desirable conditions to women empowerment. About usAAGAHI …

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Aaina was founded in 1998 by a group of like minded women who wanted to focus on the development of women and childrens issues, especially as they relate to disability. Their mission is to see a world of identity, dignity and rightful provisioning for the underprivileged people, especially women, children …

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