Issue Area: Women's Rights

A World Institute for A Sustainable Humanity (AWISH) – Uganda

MissionThe goal of A W.I.S.H is to raise awareness and foster understandingand support for a marvelous and successful non-sectarian organization inIndia: Share and Care Children’s Welfare Society.Their programs serve the various needs of destitute, abandoned, andphysically handicapped children; deserted mothers and widows; and theaged. Food, clothing, shelter, education, medical surgeries …

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A.B.L.E. Families

Mission to confront the systemic causes of poverty by supporting families as they make positive changes in their lives.”A.B.L.E. Families…Affirms the dignity of each individual and/ or family unit;Believes in the talent and capability of each person; valuesLearning as a key to success; andEmpowers individuals and/ or families to reach …

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Aadarsh Gyan Mandir

Aadarsh Gyan Mandir Sansthan focuses its efforts on the advancement development of socially, economically and culturally backward masses of rural areas and provide them opportunities for their self development. Sansthan envisaged various community based development programmes, trainings and awareness campaign in the project areas of Jamwaramgarh in Jaipur district. Major …

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Aadhar – Action for Gender Justice and Empowerment

AADHAR`s vision is to work towards building an equitable society based on the principles of humanism, peace, gender justice and empowerment. It guides and supports people`s organisations and development agencies through training, consultation, planning, coordination, documentation, organisational development, gender training, etc.

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Objectives To organize & strengthen women to ensure their participation in the Development process. To capacitate the women and provide opportunities for economic empowerment. To enhance Womens Role through providing them Education, and sector specific training. To aware and sensitize stakeholders for achieving desirable conditions to women empowerment. About usAAGAHI …

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Aaina was founded in 1998 by a group of like minded women who wanted to focus on the development of women and childrens issues, especially as they relate to disability. Their mission is to see a world of identity, dignity and rightful provisioning for the underprivileged people, especially women, children …

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Aalochana-Centre for Documentation and Research on Women

Aalochana, which means critical review, was set up as a non-profit resource centre for women. Our point of departure has been to re-examine and re-evalutate our lives, our experiences, our skills and our beliefs. Through our research and documentation of all aspects of women`s lives, especially of poor and low …

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Aanchal Trust

Aanchal Trust works to counsel and support Indian women questioning their sexuality, regardless of caste, creed, religion, and economic status and to ensure and maintain complete confidentiality towards this effect. This support will be given to empower lesbians and bisexual women to fight against cumpolsory heterosexuality (marriage) and thus live …

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Aashayana Welfare Society AWS

We are growing NGO. We working specialy for women`s development in the shape of HEALTH, Vocational Training and Community Schools. Objectives: – Women`s Rights- Women`s Development- Socialy Awareness- Empower the women by providing them the Vocational skill.

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