Issue Area: Crime and Policing

A Cultural Arts Project

Areas of Focus: – African Diaspora/African Descendents- Class & Race- Communications/Media- Educational Disparities- Indigenous Peoples- Internalized Racial Oppression- Juvenile Justice – Multiculturalism/Diversity- Police Brutality- Reparations and Compensatory Measures- Slavery/Trafficking- The Arts- Women of Color

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Abaco Human Rights Association, AHRA

Background: The Abaco Human Rights Association was formed in late 1988 to denounce human rights violations.Activities: The Association focused its initial work mainly on the struggle against the draft. The AHRA also focuses its work on issues related to the death penalty, police brutality, equal opportunity, and independence of the …

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Aberdeen Safer Community Trust

The purpose of the Trust is to encourage security, public safety, the prevention of crime and a reduction in the fear of crime for the benefit of the residents of the City of Aberdeen. We will encourage communities to apply local answers to local problems, help build safety partnerships and …

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Abolitionist Action Committee AAC

The Abolitionist Action Committee is an ad-hoc group of individuals committed to highly visible and effective public education for alternatives to the death penalty through non-violent direct action.

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Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto ALST

Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto was established February 21, 1990. ALST was formed following a needs assessment by the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto in the mid-1980s. The Centre had been operating legal-related programs for Aboriginal people in Toronto but concluded an agency dedicated to this issue was needed.Mission Statement …

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Access Media Alliance AMA

Exposing institutionalised exclusionism in the public and private sectors. Areas of Focus 1) Caste Discrimination 2) Class & Race 3) Colonialism 4) Communications/Media 5) Death Penalty 6)Educational Disparities 7) Environmental Racism 8) Globalization 9) Hate Crimes 10) Hate Group Monitoring 11) Health Disparities 12) Housing 13) Migrant Rights 14) Multiculturalism/Diversity …

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Act Up Golden Gate

ACT UP Golden Gate concentrated on issues involving treatment and treatment access while ACT UP San Francisco focused on broader social issues involving public policy and politics. Over the next several years the two ACT UP chapters worked separately and together on local and national AIDS issues.ACT UP was the …

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Action Coalition of Taos ACT

The Action Coalition of Taos (ACT) was formed in 2002 to oppose the imminent US war against Iraq. Since then, ACT members have led several spirited and well-attended marches to the houses of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in Taos to protest his role as a prime architect of the Iraq …

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Activist Rights

This website is designed as an online resource base for activists, organisers, lawyers and legal support teams in Victoria. It is linked with sites in other Australian states and territories and with the Complete Activist , a website produced by the National Association of Community Legal Centres. This project draws …

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