Issue Area: Disability Equality

Zambia Federation of the Disabled ZAFOD

Mission – To facilitate the unification, capacity building and efficient networking of Disabled Peoples Organisations as vehicles of change.Vision – The attainment, by persons with disabilities, of equal opportunities that are generally available in society and are necessary for the fundamental elements of living, including education, employment, housing, financial and …

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Zebra Panel

What is the Zebra Panel?Race. Religion. Gender. Politics. Age. Sexual Preference. Culture.Disability. Income Class. Body Type. The Zebra Panel acts as a platformfor different people throughout the world to connect and openlycommunicate about these sensitive (but serious) issues we collectivelyface. From there, we engage and share ideas and resources to …

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Zhan Society for Support of Families with Disabled Children

This information was provided by Counterpart International. In July 1997 Counterpart hosted a delegation of NGO leaders from Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan for a month. These organizations are eager to network and develop on-going partnerships with interested organizations in the West. A brief agenda of their visit is listed below. Their …

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Zikulise Community Upliftment Project

Our Vision: – To uplift the local community by addressing the unemployment crisis and resulting poverty, the failure rate of small businesses and the plight of the HIV Aids orphans through the provision of incubator and short-course skills training, support, advice and mentorship.- Zikulise¬ís highest priority is the creation and …

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