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OverviewEstablished in 1980 {also} works to enhance the lives of Victoria’sdiverse gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queercommunities.Vision The {also} vision is the creation and celebration of a diverse,strong, safe and inclusive gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender,intersex and queer (GLBTIQ) community that contributes to and isrespected by broader communities.

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100 Black Men of Central Illinois

100 Black Men100 Black Men Chapters are educating and empowering youth and their families while positively impacting communities.The membership of 100 Black Men of America, Inc has spent the past 40 years carefully laying the foundation for success. In 1994, we installed our signature Four For The Future™, which focuses …

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1000 Friends of Fresno

1000 Friends of Fresno is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of all the citizens of our community. We will strive to foster and support initiatives by other civic-minded groups to achieve this goal. We are committed to ensure that public officials and governmental agencies make …

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1990 Trust

The 1990 Trust is the first national Black organisation set up to protect and pioneer the interest of Britain’s Black Communities. Our approach is to engage in policy development and to articulate the needs of Black communities from a Black perspective.In Britain the term ‘Black’ historically has been a political …

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1ON1 is a project whose goal is to widen personal acquaintanceship among the various ethnic groups in Israel through the experience of mutual adoption carried out between families. The project is directed primarily to the Arab and Jewish sectors, but not only. The organization is non-political and not-for-profit. The mutual …

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Mission2amase is a Social Enterprise consultancy, training and research organisation. Our mission is to ensure that Social Enterprise is seen as a viable way to make a positive impact on society.2amase offers a range of services to new and existing social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, voluntary and community organisations, umbrella organisations, …

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21st Century Foundation for the Technical Support of Central Asian NGOs

The foundation was founded in 1996 to provide affordable publishing to NGOs, schools and universities throughout Central Asia. Since 1997, it has published more than 70 books for NGOs, and currently publishes nine NGO periodicals, including: * Human Rights in Kazakstan and the World, edited by the Kazakstan International Human …

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8th Day Center for Justice

8th Day Center for Justice,a coalition of Catholic, religious congregations,commits to act as a critical alternative voice to oppressive systemsand to work actively to change those systems.VisionThe Spirituality of justice calls the staff of the 8th Day Center to envision a world of right relationships in which all creation is …

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