Issue Area: Indigenous Peoples and Cultures

`Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi

The `Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi is a non-profit organization created by native Hawaiians who recognize that Hawai`i`s unique native plants, animals, and ecosystems represent a vital cultural resource in danger of extinction. We believe that Hawaii`s native ecosystems provide the cultural heart of its people, the basis for traditional …

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500 Nations, University of Florida

The University of Florida Native American student association titledNATION is hereby created to accomplish the following:A. Promote the education and cultural awareness of members within thegroup as well as all members of the community of the University ofFlorida.B. Establish connections and relationships with Native Americancommunities and organizations not affiliated with …

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A Cultural Arts Project

Areas of Focus: – African Diaspora/African Descendents- Class & Race- Communications/Media- Educational Disparities- Indigenous Peoples- Internalized Racial Oppression- Juvenile Justice – Multiculturalism/Diversity- Police Brutality- Reparations and Compensatory Measures- Slavery/Trafficking- The Arts- Women of Color

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Aadhivasi Mahasabha State Committee Office

The organisation works for the welfare of the tribal people in the state of Kerala. It conducts several welfare programmes in the field of education, employment, environment protection, food and nutrition, health care, etc.

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Aajigaaning American Indian Movement AIM

Aajigaaning American Indian Movement resides in the land of the Anishnabek and the land of various cultures in Michigan. Formed within the decade after the quincentennial of the advent of the Colombian (European) invasion and occupation, the chapter continues to focus on a vision for indigenous liberation alongside the vision …

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Aang Serian Peace Village

Aang Serian [the name means `House of Peace` in Maasai language] is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in March 1999 by young people in Arusha, Northern Tanzania.It is officially registered with the National Arts Council of Tanzania [BASATA] as an organisation for the promotion of arts and culture.Aang Serian is …

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Nepal is a theatre of colors, rituals, and folklore. A theatre that evolved among the lived experience of peoples who cultivated fields in the lush plains in the south, tilled terraced valleys in the hills, and kept herds in the high mountains. Buddhist, Hindu, and indigenous rituals constantly provided energy …

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Es respaldar activamente la vigorización de la cultura y agricultura andina, mediante el acompañamiento de las familias campesinas en el proceso de la recuperación de la chacra y la agro biodiversidad, la reflexión y animación del saber campesino, el rescate de la tecnología tradicional y la cosmovisión de las poblaciones …

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Aboriginal Art & Culture Celebration Society

The purposes of the society are: 1. to bring together people of all nations to learn, experience and share North American aboriginal art, culture, values and spirituality; and 2. to improve the professionalism, visibility and economic circumstances of aboriginal artists, performers and cultural support workers.

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