Issue Area: Indigenous Peoples and Cultures

ABYA YALA – Ecuador

Abya-Yala is a private institution without aims of profit with 25 years of work in the Latin American indigenous scope.It began its activities in 1975 and was officially approved byMinisterial Agreement number 602 of May 15, 1986.Its purposes are:To rescue, to document and to spread the cultural values of the …

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Academia de las Lengaus Mayas

The academy is the initial step taken by the Mayan communities in Guatemala to regain control of their cultural inheritance. Representing all linguistic groups in the country, the group makes available, through standardization of their written language, Mayan documents, myths and tales preserved by oral tradition. Rejecting the more than …

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Academy of Development Science ADS

Academy of Development Science (ADS) is a people oriented Science & Technology organisation concerned primarily with problems faced by village communities; particularly tribals, landless and small & marginal farmers. It is a registered Society and Charitable Trust. ADS campus is situated near Kashele village in the Karjat Tribal Block of …

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Academy of Hill Development Sciences [HIM VIKAS]

[a:31bee9ab1a32f8c3646393e20387faa1:[imgur:buttoncpi.jpg:]]Academy of Hill Development SciencesAcademy of Hill Development Sciences is a NGO registered in Himachal Pradesh. via. Regn. No. 54/2003. We are a voluntary, non-profit society, which is working for the welfare and development of the people living in the Hills and Mountainous regions through value based ancient, traditional and …

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Acción Indígena-WATU

¿Quienes Somos?Es una asociación española sin ánimo de lucro que trabaja a favor de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas de todo el mundo. Actúa cooperando con los pueblos indígenas, apoyando la lucha en favor de sus legítimas reivindicaciones, su autodeterminación, el derecho sobre sus tierras y territorios, el control …

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Mission * To work for the upliftment of the tribals and the fishermen by encouraging them to form self help groups. * To provide better health care and housing and agricultural facilities. * To promote income generation activities and provide micro credit to the needy.Development FocusAgriculture, Education & Training, Health …

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Action Diaspora Negro A-DN

ONG ACTION-DIASPORA NEGRO dont les objectifs essentiels visent : -Au retour et à l’intégration éventuelle de la diaspora noire, -A la promotion et à l’encadrement des jeunes génies créatifs et inventifs africains Types d’activitésEducation : Soutien scolaire Pays en développement : Education / Formation Pays en développement : Développement économique

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Action For Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra [AFARM]

Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra [AFARM] is a voluntary organisation formed for the collective benefit of the voluntary organisations through their own collective actions. Born out of an acute felt need for an apex institution to co-ordinate efforts of the voluntary organisations in their task for providing drinking water …

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