Issue Area: Indigenous Rights

500 Nations, University of Florida

The University of Florida Native American student association titledNATION is hereby created to accomplish the following:A. Promote the education and cultural awareness of members within thegroup as well as all members of the community of the University ofFlorida.B. Establish connections and relationships with Native Americancommunities and organizations not affiliated with …

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A Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities PEKEA

PEKEA sets up a global think tank network :PEKEA is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations granted in July 2006PEKEA is running as an open network , gathering academics from various disciplines, people committed in concrete actions and also local …

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Aajigaaning American Indian Movement AIM

Aajigaaning American Indian Movement resides in the land of the Anishnabek and the land of various cultures in Michigan. Formed within the decade after the quincentennial of the advent of the Colombian (European) invasion and occupation, the chapter continues to focus on a vision for indigenous liberation alongside the vision …

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Aang Serian Peace Village

Aang Serian [the name means `House of Peace` in Maasai language] is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in March 1999 by young people in Arusha, Northern Tanzania.It is officially registered with the National Arts Council of Tanzania [BASATA] as an organisation for the promotion of arts and culture.Aang Serian is …

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Aboriginal Art & Culture Celebration Society

The purposes of the society are: 1. to bring together people of all nations to learn, experience and share North American aboriginal art, culture, values and spirituality; and 2. to improve the professionalism, visibility and economic circumstances of aboriginal artists, performers and cultural support workers.

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Aboriginal Environments Research Centre AERC

Objectives of the AERC To provide a specialised source of information for Indigenous communities and individuals, professional and government groups, academics and students. To provide a database for research and consulting activities (specifically to provide a web-accessible database on Housing, Architecture and Community Planning for Australian Indigenous community groups and …

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Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary

The National Association of Friendship Centres acts as a central unifying body for the Friendship Centre MovementThe NAFC is a non-profit organization governed by a voluntary Board of Directors comprised of eleven regional representatives and a youth representative.The primary objectives are:- to act as a central unifying body for the …

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Aboriginal Healing Foundation

Our vision is one where those affected by the legacy of Physical Abuse and Sexual Abuse experienced in Residential School have addressed the effects of unresolved trauma in meaningful terms, have broken the cycle of abuse, and have enhanced their capacity as individuals, families, communities and nations to sustain their …

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Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement ALRM

The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Inc (ALRM) exists to get social justice for Aboriginal people and their communities. The Movement began in 1971 and was incorporated in 1973.ALRM is a non-profit organisation. We provide a legal service to Aboriginal people and their communities.ALRM works to keep law and justice systems …

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