Issue Area: Language Revitalization

American Friends Service Committee Hawai’i Area

AFSC work in Hawai’i began in 1942 with a program of service to Japanese residents suffering persecution after the Pearl Harbor bombing. Friends’ opposition to the Vietnam War led to initiation of the present program in 1968. The Hawai’i Program offers grassroots, social analysis-based economic workshops. Advocacy work is initiated …

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Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation Cyprus

The A.G. Leventis Foundation was established in May 1979 as a result of provisions made by Anastasios G. Leventis, who died in October 1978. Anastasios Leventis, was born in Cyprus in 1902, he established one of the largest companies in West Africa and from 1966 served as Cyprus’ honorary Ambassador …

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Anishinaabe Center

The Anishinaabe Center provides cultural programming, resource and referral services, and legal advice for Ojibwe people. We invite constituents to participate in programs and projects to coalesce their community and restore their families in the threat of economic and cultural oppression and the historical memory of attempted genocide, forced expulsion …

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Anoushavan Abrahamian Education Fund

The Anoushavan Abrahamian Education Fund (AAEF) founded October 2004 seeks to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth worldwide by providing enhanced educational opportunities, particularly in the area of vocational skills training. The programs are focused specifically on improving trade skill education for rural youths that will increase their opportunities for …

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Asiniw-Kisik Education Campus

Asiniw-Kisik represents:We educate our people to be able to contribute to society and lead our community, therefore: We will provide our people with the broadest range of holistic education, enabling us to be positive active participants in a bi-cultural society.We base the foundation of our education on the Cree culture …

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Asociación Mapuche Urbana Kaxawaiñ

La asociación Mapuche urbana Kaxawaiñ, surge en el año 1996 por iniciativa de un grupo de mapuche migrantes campo/ciudad residentes en Santiago de Chile, que sintieron la necesidad de reunirse en torno a su cultura ancestral teniendo como objetivo desarrollar actividades que fortalezcan, difundan y promuevan las expresiones culturales como …

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Association Coeur d’Afrique

Cœur d’Afrique’ est une association à but non lucratif (Loi 1901) qui a pour buts d’être un cadre d’action, d’assistance et de réflexion dans les domaines sanitaires, éducatifs, économiques et sociaux, pour aider au développement des différents pays africains dont les membres sollicitent son assistance, tant localement que de l’extérieur. …

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