Issue Area: Child and Youth Protection


NotesA Crazy Idea, Inc. is a new up and coming organizationrun by a diverse group of twenty year olds who have given up their jobsand time to make this project a success. Lead by Clay Laugier and abelief in making a difference, They have already built this small dreaminto a …

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A Favor del Niño

NUESTRA MISIÓN Proporcionar formación integral en un ambiente de hogar, a niños y niñas de 4 a 12 años de edad, de escasos recursos económicos, provenientes de familias desintegradas y disfuncionales, para que desarrollen su potencial humano y sean agentes de cambio en la sociedad.NUESTRA VISION Brindar a los niños …

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A Global Healthcare Public Foundation

> A Global Healthcare Public Foundation is headquartered in Maryland, USA, as a nonprofit Foundation and has its Africa Office in Nairobi, Kenya.  AGHPF provides services in Africa, Asia and the United States of America.MISSION:A Global Healthcare Public Foundation’s mission is to develop and strengthen the health capacity in resource …

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A National Voice

Goals — to continue to be a young person led organisation — to give an individual and collective voice and to ensure young people from care have a say in all decisions that affect them — to inform and influence central and local government decisions about the care system in …

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A Village Project Parent Partners

A Village Project Parent Partners are committed to the Wraparound process that is known as ITC [Individualized and Tailored Care]. ITC is NOT a program, a type of service, or family therapy. It is a process based on the idea that services should be tailored to meet the needs of …

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A Wider Circle

A Wider Circle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating change from the inside out. Our programs address the inner and outer needs of adults and children challenged by homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, and other health and social issues.The mission of A Wider Circle is to empower children and …

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A Woman’s Fund, Inc.

The mission of A Woman’s Fund, Inc. is to eliminate violence against women and children, and, until that happens, to provide safety and support to survivors of that violence as they take control of their own lives.

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A.C. Mano Amiga

Mano Amiga es una asociación civil internacional sin fines de lucro creada por los Padres Legionarios de Cristo, con el propósito de construir y poner en funcionamiento, obras de educación integral de calidad para las personas que habitan en las zonas de escasos recursos y servicios, especialmente los niños y …

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A.J.D.S est une association des jeunes pour le developpment sociale. Elle a comme objectif d’aider les jeunes defavorisés, démunis et victime des catastrophes naturelles et sociales dans des pays en voie jeunes à prendre conscience de leur monde afin de reconnaitre leurs vrais valeurs.

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