Issue Area: Child and Youth Protection


Aaina was founded in 1998 by a group of like minded women who wanted to focus on the development of women and childrens issues, especially as they relate to disability. Their mission is to see a world of identity, dignity and rightful provisioning for the underprivileged people, especially women, children …

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AAM Foundation

* Identification of slum children who are not being schooled * Motivating and enabling them to join our school * Transitioning them to government operated schools * One-on-one tuition by volunteers to supplement their school education * Awareness building so they can aspire to professional careers

Read More, Inc. is a Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to combating family and relationship violence, sexual violence and child abuse.

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Aaron Straus & Lillie Straus Foundation, Inc

MissionAaron and Lillie Straus’ clearly focused philanthropic vision, to give children protection, education, and opportunity continues today in a contemporary context with the Foundation’s support of policies and programs which connect fragile families and children to the avenues of hope and advantage which can lead to better futures.The Foundation continues …

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Aarsand Family Foundation

[imgul:2.gif:]Introduction:Norwegian immigrants to the United States, Jardar K. and Gudrun S. Aarsand were married in September 1934. Three of their four children parented six grandchildren and by 2004 the family has grown to include seven great-grandchildren. Although not a large family, over the past seven decades of living and working …

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Aba Woldetensae Gizaw’s Mothers and Children Welfare Association AWWA

Vision AWWA wishes to see better living conditions created for disadvantaged groups, especially children and women through eradication of poverty and elimination of all forms of abuse. Mission AWWA is committed and dedicated to working with and enhancing the wellbeing of marginalised sections of the population, particularly children and women …

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Abafundi Multipurpose Centre

Mission StatementAbafundi seeks to enhance the potential or talent and livelihood of children so that they may be useful to societies both now and in the future. We aim to keep children offthe streets of the cities and attempt to reduce risks faced on a daily basis by learners, their …

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ABANSA – Asociación Benefactora de Ayuda al Niño Sin Asistencia

Es una organización civil no gubernamental sin fines de lucro con doce años de actividad ininterrumpida en Venezuela, de carácter social, benefactor y científico que tiene como fines: – Hacer prevención primaria al problema social delictivo de Latino-América. – Brindar asistencia integral a la infancia abandonada, huérfana o en situación …

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Abebech Gobena Orphanage & School

Mission * To foster needy and helpless children with it’s available capacity * To reunify with their parents * To enable orphans become self-reliant * To undertake rural-urban development ventures, etc. Objective * Providing full boarding service to orphans * Assisting the destitute children of the surrounding communities * Encouraging …

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