Issue Area: Child and Youth Protection

Zambian Children’s Fund

The Zambian Children’s Fund (U.S.), together with its sister organization the Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia, is raising and educating Zambian children who have lost both parents to AIDS or other diseases.  Currently we are raising 90 children in a caring, family setting in eight individual houses and educating 160 …

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Zartonk -89

[a:31bee9ab1a32f8c3646393e20387faa1:[imgur:buttoncpi.jpg:]]“Zartonk-89” is a non governmental organization, which operates throughout the Republic of Armenia. Our mission is to improve the lives of parentless, needy and refugee children and youth in Armenia. In order to achieve our mission, we implement various educational, social, and health projects focused on improving the mental, physical …

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Zchildrenrights is an non-profit organization that promotes Children’s Rights by eliminating the numerous obstacles affecting their safety,and well being of our children. The organization helps raising public awareness on children’s rights through Education, children clubs, and lectures, where Civil Society Groups,Parents and Teens are more than welcome to become members …

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Zenska Pomoc Sada

Background: This feminist organization, founded in 1989, developed from SOS Phone, which was the first hot-line for women who were victims of violence in former Yugoslavia created on March 3, 1988.Objectives: Its objective is to assist women and children who are victims of domestic violence and the violence of war.Activities: …

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Zimbabwe Council for the Welfare of Children ZNCWC

MissionAdvocate, co-ordinate, support, promote and monitor all child reception centres, children’s homes, institutions and organisations involved in child welfare in Zimbabwe.Organisation mandate: Lobby governments and the United Nations, Provide training or education on child rights, Research child rights, Undertake legal casework on behalf of children, Work directly with children, Work …

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Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children [ZNCWC]

Objectives To advocate and lobby for children’s rights and issues. To facilitate networking and coalition building To monitor the fulfilment of children’s rights and recommend appropriate action. To promote organisational development and capacity building. To mobilise resources and fund-raise for programmes on children rights and issues. To develop a resource …

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Zimbabwe Youth Forum ZYF

Objectives The provision of assistance/promotion of activities aimed at uplifting the standard of youths.To find a lasting solution to youth unemployment problems through increasing the knowledge base of effective programs, practices and policies that support child and youth development.To raise awareness of children and youth issues and of existing programs …

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Zion Hill Community Development Corporation

Our MissionGuided by the principles of divine love and service, our mission or the outreach center is to provide a safe and supportive environment for women and children experiencing homlessness. We encourage spiritual growth, responsible decision making and economic independence.Our objectivesThe objectives of the Zion hill CDC and outreach center …

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